What is Realising Opportunities?

Realising Opportunities (RO) is a unique collaboration of leading, research-intensive universities, working together to promote fair access for those groups under-represented in higher education.

The Realising Opportunities programme provides you with skills and information to help not only make informed decisions about your future and to raise your aspirations to progress to a leading research intensive university, but to support your current work in school/college.

Successful completion of the RO programme will give you the opportunity to have your achievements recognised through UCAS, resulting in additional consideration and the potential for alternative offers from the RO universities.

Programme Structure

Realising Opportunities is a two year programme over Year 12 and 13. The structured and interactive programme will help you develop your academic skills, improve your awareness of Higher Education and knowledge of how to apply to university. It will also give you increased access to the RO universities through events and activities.

  • Local Launch – The Local Launch event provides an introduction to Realising Opportunities and the types of activities and events you will take part in.
  • Online support – RO students have access to online support from staff and current undergraduate students at RO Partner universities.
  • National Student Conference – The event is attended by RO students from across the country. Students attend skills based workshops and meet representatives from all the RO universities.
  • Skills4uni – This online study module and test helps to develop key academic skills that will be useful in both A Level work and at university.
  • Academic Element – The Academic Element is made up of an activity day for you to develop key skills for higher education, followed by an online module.
  • Events and Activities – You will have access to events and activities at all of the RO universities around the country as well as residential opportunities.

How to apply

To take part in the Realising Opportunities programme you must meet the eligibility criteria. Recruitment takes place in the Autumn term, from September to early November.